Snowshoe hiking

Experience our untouched winter landscape with the professional guides of Snow Experts

Snowshoe hiking in the Kitzbühel ski area

Are you looking for peace, relaxation, untouched nature and would like to get your body going?

On our offered snowshoe hikes you can experience all this at the same time!

The best way to get to the place where the deep snowy nature is most untouched is on a snowshoe hike. Wonderful insights into the dreamlike winter world exactly there where your heart is opened. All this can best be enjoyed together on a guided snowshoe hike.

Snowshoeing, a varied alternative to skiing

Our area of the Kitzbühel Alps and the entire backdrop of the National Parks Hohe Tauern offer variety, every degree of difficulty and a  view that leaves you breathless.

Snowshoeing, a varied alternative to the skisport: Here the experienced mountain hiker and also the beginner get their money's worth!

On wide soles, it goes almost effortlessly through the deep snow, all the same whether powdery or hard. Whoever hikes on snowshoes through the wintry mountain world quickly learns to appreciate the great advantage of this form of locomotion: snowshoes make you independent of cleared hiking paths and allow you to dive deep into nature even where you would sink in deep snow with normal shoes.

What there is to consider, you will learn during a guided tour with one of our guides!

Tours  specially designed for beginners who have never stood on snowshoes before and benefit from the tips for the right walking technique.

Other tours are more suitable for advanced hikers and sometimes lead several hundred meters up the mountain, for example to a hut or an easy summit.

Since one often moves in natural terrain, away from cleared winter hiking trails, typical alpine dangers such as avalanches must be considered. The current avalanche report should therefore be studied before every  snowshoe tour and taken into account when choosing a tour.

So book one of our guides - not only for this great experience, but also for your safety!

Our tours offers

  • Hochmoor Wasenmoos

    Our beginner's tour for beginners, but also always an experience for advanced riders!
    In between a common stop in the warm and cordial restaurant of the "Hochmoorstüberl"
    The moor experience of a special kind offers an intensive encounter with nature for young and old. On the 2-10 km long paths you will discover many special features and a wonderful scenery.
    generally every Monday from 13.00
    but can also be arranged individually
    best directly at the starting point of the tour at the parking lot "Tauernblick Pass Thurn"
    Duration and prices:
    2h - tour package 100€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment
    3h - tour package 150€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment

  • Moonlight hike through the Wasenmoos

    Feel the evening mountain air. All around: untouched, glittering snow cover and silence. Put on snowshoes and off you go through the enchanted forests. And with every step the feeling of happiness increases. At the latest now you have arrived in the mountain landscape of the Hohe Tauern.
    In between a common stop in the warm and cordial restaurant of the "Hochmoorstüberl".
    depending on the weather on one day of the week from Tuesday to Friday from 18.00
    can also be arranged individually
    meeting point:
    best directly at the starting point of the tour at the parking lot Tauernblick Pass Thurn Duration and prices:
    2h - tour package 100€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment
    3h - tour package 150€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment

  • Individual Tour

    Tailored to your skills and from a large repertoire of possible tours, you will be on your way with one of our guides.
    Search and plan together with us a tour that meets your expectations.
    Everytime after request and appointment
    meeting point:
    Jeep by tour, completely individual Duration and prices:
    3h - tour package 150€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment, excl. shuttle
    4h - tour package 200€ for 1-5 persons excl. equipment, excl. shuttle

Information and booking:

at the main office of Snow Experts at Pass Thurn

Contact us!

Equipment can be rented at Sport Steger, directly in Mittersill.

On request, the material can also be handed out by us at the meeting point.

Questions and answers about snowshoeing

  • How strenuous is snowshoeing?

    Depending on the tour and duration, this can be quite strenuous. Therefore, choose and plan your tour with our guides so that you can enjoy every tour.
    Our beginner tours are generally designed for pleasure!

  • How to walk with snowshoes?

    As with every sport: Once you have the technique under control, it is a lot easier! Especially when climbing uphill you should use the points - similar to using a crampon. When going downhill, put your weight on the heel, so you stay stable and have full control.
    Our guides will support you in every situation.

  • What equipment do I need for snowshoeing?

    Pay special attention to the length of the poles. These vary according to body size. The height depends on whether you are hiking uphill or downhill! Therefore telescopic poles are ideal for this. They can be adjusted individually depending on the situation.
    What belongs in my backpack:
    - Pack enough liquid: every sport is strenuous and our body needs enough water!
    - A snack for in between: In case the little hunger overcomes you!
    - Don't forget your change of clothes and tour map: Pack dry clothes and never hike off the official routes without a guide!

  • What size do I need for snowshoes?

    Snowshoes are available in different sizes (22 to 30), which have nothing to do with the normal shoe size, because the binding is flexibly adjustable.
    The decisive factor is the weight of the hiker including equipment.
    As a rule of thumb
    size 22 for up to 70 kilos,
    size 25 for 70 to 100 kilos,
    size 30 for over 100 kilos

  • Which snowshoe suits me best?

    It is best to strap the snowshoes to mountain or hiking boots with a stable, torsion-resistant profile sole.

  • The binding of the snowshoes?

    It should be easy to open and close by means of a quick release fastener - even with gloves. Bindings that allow a lateral tilting movement reduce the strain on the ankles. Adjustable bindings have the advantage that they can be adjusted for different shoes.

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