Snowboard School

Snowboard courses at Pass Thurn in the Kitzbühel ski areal

Learn snowboarding with the Snow Experts

Finally it is so far!

The snowboard vacation in Austria is coming up, and you want to learn snowboarding? Our group courses for beginners are perfect for that.

Or you are already a prospective "LORD OF THE BOARD" and would like to try different rails, kickers, boxes, off-piste surfing through the deep snow or just get some tips and tricks together with our snowboard pros?

Then you are in good hands with us!

Dive with us into the absolutely cool world of snowboarding:

  • on the piste, with possible 234 downhill kilometers in the whole Kitzbühel ski area.
  • directly with us in the Snowpark Kitzbühel, the Freestyle Playground for every level.
  • in powder snow in the whole Kitzbühel ski area - We rock every terrain with you in the Kitzbühel Alps!

That's why we recommend our private snowboard lessons for all advanced snowboarders, so you can reach your personal goal even faster! Whether beginner or advanced, find your own style with the Snow Experts!

In our own snowboard rental in the main office at Pass Thurn, you can also rent necessary equipment like snowboards and snowboard boots from our partner Burton of course! In combination with a snowboard course you get 10% discount on rented equipment.

Questions and answers about Snowboard Sport

  • Which snowboard is the right one for beginners?

    Especially for beginners we have our Burton Snowboards with the Flat TopTM bend, which offer a stable, soft and playful ride. The flex of the snowboard should therefore be lower. This will help you to keep your balance, ride turns easier and less likely to jam. For all Burton snowboards the following applies: The weight decides the length, NOT the height!

  • Which snowboard binding for beginners?

    As a snowboard beginner you need equipment that you feel comfortable with. Important here are flexible bindings (Snowboard Soft bindings), which make it easier for you to turn and you still have a good grip.
    We have the Progression Custom snowboard binding from Burton.

  • Which snowboard is right for me?

    In general, one can distinguish three major directions:
    Freestyle-Board for piste, fun park, pipe
    Freeride-Board for piste, powder snow, off-piste, freeride
    Race-Board for piste, fast curves, high speed
    For all Burton Snowboards applies: The weight decides the length, NOT the height! Then you only distinguish the width of the board, which depends on your shoe size, whether you need a normal board or a wide.
    Camber : nonly the outer contact points (nose & tail) are in contact, therefore good edge grip is achieved This is more difficult to ride, but offers more stability at higher speeds and in tougher conditions.
    Rocker: The support is in the middle, so the snowboard is much more turnable, but not so grippy
    Flat: a mix of camber and rocker, the snowboard lies rather flat for optimal grip and still good turning

  • What do you have to pay attention to when buying a snowboard?

    You should go into all the above mentioned points and of course find out for yourself what suits you best or for which riding style the snowboard is best suited.
    The combination of snowboard, snowboard bindings and snowboard boots makes the whole package!
    For this purpose a suitable snowboard rental is suitable to be able to test enough - TEST & BUY

  • Is it difficult to learn to ride a snowboard?

    As with any sport, learning success is very much dependent on age, condition, strength, body awareness, balance and talent.
    Especially at the beginning the help of a snowboard instructor is very important to keep the confidence and to learn the right technique.
    Somehow you always come down the mountain, but HOW is very important for the fun of snowboarding.
    And even if the beginning is difficult, you will be overwhelmed with feelings of happiness for the rest of your life when you are standing on the mountain and have the downhill run on the piste, in the deep snow or through the fun park in front of you and then master it masterfully.

  • What is easier to learn ski or snowboard?

    In the beginning, skiing is easier to learn because you have strapped on skis on both feet, keeping your balance is very helpful.
    When snowboarding you are firmly strapped in with both feet, you can easily tip forward or backward, therefore the help of the snowboard instructor is very important in the beginning.
    In the further learning stage, after the first turns, snowboarding is again easier, because you can then overcome steeper slopes (red slopes) also sliding (backside, frontside).
    In skiing you need a very good technique for steeper slopes (from red slopes on)

  • How long does it take to learn how to snowboard?

    That depends entirely on what your personal goal is and how far you want to develop. On the one hand this depends on the time you invest to be able to practice and on the other hand on how often you get tips from a snowboard instructor.
    The learning success is always individual, in general after 3 full days of snowboarding course you can ride on blue and easy red slopes or you can slide down steeper parts.
    But you never stop learning, even we as top trained ski and snowboard pros can always improve.
    The better your technique, the better you have the snowboard under control and the lower your risk of injury!

  • Which leg must be in front when snowboarding?

    Regular: left leg is in front
    Goofy: right leg is in front
    In our rental shop we like to set all bindings to "Duckstance" (-15 degrees and +15 degrees). Also for those who already know how to snowboard, but the last day on the snowboard is a bit behind.
    This way you are ready to move in both directions, you will notice after a while in which direction you turn more easily. Afterwards we adjust the binding in the rental or the corresponding snowboard instructor.

  • What do I need to snowboard?

    snowboard, snowboard boots, snowboard binding, snowboard trousers, jacket, appropriate underwear, gloves (preferably those that support the wrist), helmet, snowboard glasses

  • Can I teach myself to snowboard?

    Like so many things, you can teach yourself to snowboard.
    But does it really make sense:
    - to learn a wrong technique?
    -the sport thus becomes a cramp and not a pleasure?
    - exposing yourself and others to an increased risk of injury?
    -to save on the total cost of such a sport, especially on the snowboard course, i.e. on yourself and your technique improvement?
    -because the right technique makes you a better snowboarder and brings you the fun you should have!

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