Expert Coaching at Passthurn

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Expert Coaching with selected ski instructors from Snow Experts

Coaching for experts in the Kitzbühel Alps

Coaching for aspiring racers

With this offer we offer you the opportunity to book the master class and highest training of a snowsport instructor, comparable to the master training in other professions.

In addition, these selected snowsport instructors are not only masters of your profession, but are also active as trainers in various national associations, i.e. they train other ski instructors!

Manuel Briendl - Skischulleiter

Ski school director

Manuel Briendl

  • Ski School Manager Snow Experts

  • Instructor at TSLV - Tyrolean Ski Instructors Association

  • State certified ski instructor

  • State certified ski guide

  • D-Trainer (children/youth ski racing)

  • Snowboard instructor

Lukas Gruber - Chefskilehrer

Chief ski instructor

Lukas Gruber

  • Chief ski instructor Snow Experts

  • Instructor at the Snowsports Academy - Vienna Ski Instructors Association

  • State certified ski instructor

  • Snowboard instructor

  • Courses of all kinds

  • Freestyle / Park

  • Private lessons

Waldi - Snowboardchef

Chief snowboard instructor

Christoph Waldegger

  • Chief Snowboard Instructor Snow Experts

  • Instructor at the SBSSV - Salzburg Ski Instructors Association

  • State certified snowboard instructor

  • State certified snowboard guide

  • Ski instructor

  • Responsible for all areas around snowboarding

Ski Expert Coaching in Mittersill

Dates on request

Duration Expert Coaching Tariff Expert Coaching
2 Hours € 200
3 Hours € 280
4 Hours € 320
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