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Ski courses on Pass Thurn in the Kitzbühel ski area

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skiing holiday in Austria is coming up, and you want to learn to ski? Our ski courses for beginners are ideal for this - immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of skiing!

Find your suitable ski course with us - from beginners to experts in all age groups!

We are your contact for all kinds of winter sports, so that your holiday will be unforgettable

  • on the piste, with a possible 234 km of downhill runs in the whole Kitzbühel ski area
  • directly with us at Snowpark Kitzbühel, the freestyle playground for every level
  • in powder snow during freeride guiding in the whole  ski area Kitzbühel. We rock every terrain with you in the Kitzbühel Alps!

That's why we recommend our private ski courses for all advanced skiers, so that you can reach your personal goal even faster! In combination with a ski course you get 10% discount on rented equipment

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Questions and answers about Skiing

  • What is important when skiing?

    Suitable and good equipment, correct ski length, suitable ski boot, correct pole length. As with any sport, the learning success depends very much on age, condition, strength, body awareness, balance, talent.

  • Is it compulsory to wear a helmet when skiing?

    Please note the helmet obligation up to 15 years, because it applies:  "Who has brain, protects it!" As it should be for an expert.

  • Which ski is loaded when skiing?

    The right technique is the most important thing for an enjoyable and relaxing ski sport. The outer ski is put under more strain to be able to set the direction. Skiing is an interplay of different movements. Our ski instructors are available for you in our courses with help and advice!

  • How do I get better at skiing?

    Practice makes perfect! Regular training with our ski instructors always brings new experiences and improvements for your skiing technique.

  • Is it difficult to learn to ski?

    As with any sport, learning success is very much dependent on age, condition, strength, body awareness, balance and talent.
    Especially in the beginning the help of a ski instructor is very important to maintain confidence and to learn the right technique.
    Somehow you always get down the mountain, but HOW is very important for the fun of skiing.
    And even if the beginning is difficult, you will be overwhelmed with feelings of happiness for the rest of your life when you are standing on the mountain and have the downhill run on the piste, in the deep snow or through the Fun Park in front of you and then master it masterfully.

  • Which ski area is guaranteed snow?

    Our ski area at Pass Thurn am Resterkogel is the only ski area without glacier, which invites you to ski already in the middle or end of October and is open until the end of April.
    So we have a ski season of 6 months, which is made possible by our snow depot!

  • How long can you ski in Kitzbühel?

    Our ski area at the Pass Thurn am Resterkogel in the Kitzbühel Alps is the only ski area without glaciers, which invites you to ski already in mid or late October and is open until the end of April.
    So we have a ski season of 6 months, which our snow depot makes possible!

  • What does one week of skiing cost?

    The cost of a ski course can vary greatly, depending on the skiing area, accommodation requirements, personal wishes and demands.
    Least of all, however, you should save on the equipment and of course on ski lessons to improve your own skiing technique. Only a good combination will give you the vacation you dream of!

  • When is the best time to go skiing?

    Mid-January to mid-March are ideal months for skiing, the snow conditions are good and the temperatures are also suitable for a great day of skiing.

  • What does a skiing vacation with children cost?

    A ski vacation is certainly not the cheapest vacation, but the experiences and impressions for the children and for you are priceless.

  • Should children learn to ski?

    Absolutely! Skiing requires so much coordination and body awareness, and it is easiest to learn the sport as a child.
    If you can master your skis, then you can master your life!

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