Classification in different classes

Since the winter of 2015, there has been a consistent, standardized classification for skiing skills in skischools.



You decided to learn to ski? We would like to teach you the basics of skiing and prepare the basis for your further ski career. It is of great importance to learn to ski with a ski instructor, because only through the professional support you learn a flawless style and can enjoy this wonderful winter sport undisturbed. Already after 3 to 5 days lessons you are able to draw your first tracks on blue slopes. Depending on the talent, the physical condition and the learning progress, more progress is of course possible.


Advanced Beginner

You ski blue and easy red slopes and the snow plow is still your tool for speed control and turning? Then it’s time for the next step! The parallel ski guidance makes skiing a lot easier, the effort is reduced and the course is much more fluid. We will be happy to assist you through a professional instruction that will allow you to expand your technique.



You ski blue and red slopes in parallel, try and ride black slopes? Now, in difficult conditions such as icy places, steep slopes, irregular slopes, bumps on the slopes, you want to feel as safe as with good conditions? You want to learn or improve the sporty skiing style of carving? With the analysis of your skiing and the building up of exercises, tips and tricks, we can help you expertly, so that you can ski even better, safer and more relaxed.



Are there no more challenging slopes for you? But you want to carve even more sporty in long or short radius (racecarving), to prove yourself in the bumps or off-piste? Then you are exactly right with us, we will show you how to improve your ski technique, according to the motto ” There is no such thing as impossible”. Even if you want to make your first experiences in the deep snow, we will be happy to advise you about the necessary equipment and how it works, and give you tip, where to get the perfect equipment. In the foreground there is always the safety and the right technique in the open terrain – with an experienced ski instructor at your side you can safely enjoy the natural experience of deep snow. If the skiing in the deep snow once pulled you, he will not let you go!



If some time has passed since you skied last time, then take professional support for your own safety and joy, and refresh your skills. You get to know new material and we will show you, how to ski easily with modern techniques.

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